joi, 7 mai 2020


As compared to others, I quite enjoy this emergency situation…

(There is nothing for me to regret, especially not the face-to-face encounters.)

Others may feel sorry for themselves:

Actors who cannot see their own reflection in the audience’s astonished gaze.

Teachers that are no longer enjoying the admiring glances of their students.

The desk clerks sighing for lack of troubled customers to exert their whims upon.

But I – while being a combination of actor, teacher, and clerk – I do not suffer for these things

(which I never really enjoyed).

I have finally found the time to breathe more freely in my own shell*

or to secrete the stomach fluid necessary for an improved digestion.

In the ever-lasting afternoons, the snail inside me can finally climb upon a dandelion stem and bask in the sunlight!

I have no illusions. I still expect to die one day… But I will have earned for myself

a few quiet months,

during which my only burden has been the pre-established route.

* to be read as “an office devoid of fancy colleagues”

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