luni, 19 septembrie 2016

American versus British English: Which phrase is more poetical?

I have recently been scanning a list of vocabulary differences between British and American words and phrases to teach to my students. Since my blog is connected mostly with the issue of poetry in translation, I thought I should mention this here.

 "storm in a teacup" (Br. E.) or "tempest in a a teapot" (Am. E.) - which phrase is the more poetical??

I am looking forward to your opinion on my blog but here is mine: definitely the American phrase is more poetical.  Here, the water in the teapot may still be boiling, while being poured, raging to the brim of the pot, steaming and spitting out of it. That's a real "tempest". Whereas the teacup is a more pacified universe, the boiling is over and it is now merely about infusing the plant - which is a very domestic, confined imagery (although beautiful indeed in its own right). In fact, coming to think of it, the British image is subtler, more refined. A little bit overrefined.

What do YOU think?

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